Study Groups



Bacchae met on Sept .14 at Folino’s Estate Winery for a delicious lunch and discussion. We enjoyed some of the wines with lunch but didn’t rate them. A highlight of the afternoon was provided by Myra Jones who shared stories and pictures with us about the adventures (and some “interesting” challenges) that she had recently on a trip to Tanzania where she visited and helped at a school for orphans. Because she also had the opportunity to take a safari trip, she managed to take pictures of a variety of exotic animals, especially the giraffes.

Our next meeting will be at Myra’s house on October 12 at 3:00pm. JoAnn Kelly will serve as co-hostess. We will be tasting and rating wines from a European country/countries of their choice. Any questions? Contact Phyllis Wargo Any questions? Contact Phyllis Wargo.

2nd Thursday of a meeting month (no December meeting) at 3:00pm for all months except January/February when the meeting will be at 7:00pm on Zoom. Group tastes and studies wine in all its aspects. New members welcome.

Contact: Phyllis Wargo, 610-797-9158

Hot Topics

Contact: Randi Blauth,

1st Wednesday, 1:00-2:30pm in members’ homes. No December meeting. Using various media, this inter-branch group will examine current issues from multiple perspectives. Members will choose topics and information used for discussion. Members must contact Randi to receive the readings, etc. for the month and to RSVP. Please join us for lifelong learning, meaningful discussion, and camaraderie!

Mystery Paperback

Contact: Susan McNamara, 610-861-8066

4th Tuesday, 1:00pm-3:00pm September, October, January, March, and May in members’ homes. For 2023-2024 members have chosen THE THURSDAY MURDER CLUB, 21 DAYS, THE FLOATING ADMIRAL, LETHAL LEGACY, and A KNIFE TO THE HEART to read and discuss. New members welcome.

Out to Lunch Bunch

Contact: Amy Fields, Joan Howe

2nd Wednesday, 12:30 pm. Sept.-May. Attendees choose restaurant. All branch members welcome to attend any month! Need to RSVP to reserve your spot.

Paperback I

Contact: Mardi Metzger

4th Tuesday, 1:00 members’ homes. Sept.-June, no Dec. meeting. June meeting held at a restaurant. Members choose and read same paperback book of various genres for discussion at meetings. New members warmly welcomed.

Paperback I warmly welcomes new members. Please contact Mardi Metzger.

Paperback II

Contact: Mary Lou Vernon, 610-442-1810

3rd Tuesday, 7:00 members’ homes, Sept.-May, no December meeting. Members choose and read same paperback book of various genres for discussion at meetings. New members welcome.

Public Policy

Contact: Joan Howe

2nd Monday, 2:00pm. This group enjoys discussing nonpartisan issues in a casual, welcoming setting. We choose a small monthly action to follow up on our discussion. Branch members are welcome to attend any month.