Thank you so much for your interest in the Bethlehem AAUW branch. If you want more information, please contact Ann Brown, Mary Dawson or Amy Fields (610-703-5834 or If you are ready to join, please fill out the membership application and send with a check payable to AAUW Bethlehem to Amy Fields, 15 Club Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18018.

The membership team met at the end of August and planned for this next year. Ann has been busy with the updated brochure/ application, and it is ready (see link below). Included in the brochure is a list of programs this year as well as the groups that are available for members.

We are still encouraging members to reach out to friends to join AAUW. Here are some ideas to help you along:

  • Ask someone – sounds easy, but maybe not for everyone. 
  • Inform – share our wide range of opportunities to participate in AAUW. 
  • Involve – take some membership brochures with you to your next non-AAUW meeting, and/or invite someone to your study group or the next branch meeting. 
  • Thank – always thank someone for listening to your ideas about AAUW and ask the no’s or maybe’s if it is something they might consider in the future (from AAUW-PA Membership VP article).

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next event.

Membership Form