Study Groups

STUDY GROUPS 2015-2016

Chair: Virginia Stanglein, 610/868-7190


Contact: Phyllis Wargo, 610/797-9158

Bacchae will meet on March 8 at at Amy Fields’ house with Phyllis as co-hostess.

Best Sellers Book Exchange

Contact: Margaret Mahoney 610/691-1835

We each choose a best-seller and then have a geographically-based delivery system of passing along the books the first of each month. You get to read 6-8 new books without having to purchase them all – what a deal.

For our current rotation titles include: Sing Unburied Sing, The Library of the World, The Glass Universe, and the winner of the Man Booker prize, Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders.

Try us out and see if you enjoy reading books chosen by thoughtful AAUW members.

Diversity, Deeds, and Dialogue

Contact: Rosemary Baker at 610/258-19953

We will visit the exhibit Diverse Voices:  Three Perspectives of Early Bethlehem on Saturday, Dec. 30, 1pm. Click for complete information.

Mystery Paperback

Contact: Linda Robertson, 610/865-2087

Meetings run 1:30 pm to 3 pm. Contact: Linda Robertson, 610/865-2087

Out to Lunch Bunch

Contact: Bernie Gardiner (610/861-2925)

The Out to Lunch Bunch will meet at Taste of Italyon Tuesday, January 17 at 12 Noon.
Taste of Italy is located at 1860 Catasauqua Rd,  Allentown
Please respond to Rita Bergstrom at 610/365-2566 or email by January 13th if you are joining us.

Paperback I

Contact: Mardi Metzger, 610/866-1257 or email

We meet the third Thursday at 7:00 pm. On April 19th, we will discuss The Master Butcher’s Singing Club by Louise Erdrich. Hostess: Randi Blauth, 4825 Country Top Court, Bethlehem Township. 610-974-9711

Paperback II

Contact: Joanne Wagner, 610/392-0891 or email

Paperback II book group will not meet as usual in October, instead members chose to attnd the “ONE READ” at the Bethlehem Area Public Library, so join in the conversation with your fellow AAUW members and discuss the book “Tears We annot Stop” by Michael E. Dyson.

 For November, we will meet at Mary Lou Vernon’s home on Tuesday, Nov. 21st at 7:30pm. Our book for November is “An Invisible Thread” by Laura Schroff & Alex Tresniowski. If you are interested in joining us, please let Mary Lou Vernon know.