President’s Pen

 President’s Pen        


It is the time for graduations, weddings, summer vacations.  It is the time for letting go of daily routines and letting our hair down.  It is the time we go a bit easier on ourselves.  June is the time to walk, bike, run, swim, or just read a book to recharge our batteries.

June is also when AAUW Bethlehem celebrates the successes of the year.  You only have to glance through your past Bethlehem Bylines to see that Program VP Mary Dawson and her committee did a marvelous job with the variety of programs offered to our members.  You will also see that this year we welcomed the Lehigh University Student Affiliate, who join our Moravian Student Affiliate in trading their youthful enthusiasm and insight for our support and experience.  If you were fortunate enough to attend our Book Fair Scholarship Reception in May, you saw firsthand the caliber of high school girls that we support in their quest for further education.  Now, log onto, and you will see that you are part of something much bigger than AAUW Bethlehem.

For most of us, we can now relax, while our new Executive Committee puts together a plan for the coming 2018-2019 year.  This year, I can relax, too!  After three years as President of Bethlehem AAUW, I am happy to leave the day to day running of the Branch to someone else.

I have truly enjoyed participating as your president in Branch, State and National meetings.  I never tire of hearing how AAUW continually strives to develop the ways and means to promote a fair playing field for women and girls, in the classroom, on the campus, in the workplace, in the boardroom, or in the legislature.

Many branch members have helped me throughout my three years as President.  Linda Robertson enlisted me to join the Bylines staff and has offered advice and support ever since.  Susan McNamara encouraged me to take on the office of President-Elect and has remained my mentor.  President Ruth Skoglund coached me during her tenure and passed along a well-run branch.  Each of the officers with whom I have had the pleasure to work have been indispensable in carrying out the day to day duties of the branch.  Finance Officers, first, Beth Corroda, and, now, Linda Robbins, have given me friendly support to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.  I could not have survived without Secretary Jo Ann Kelly’s help with Minutes and Bylaws.  And a special nod goes to Shirley Daluisio who always made sure I was on track.

My sincere thanks go to all the branch members for their support and friendship.  Now I look forward to being Past President.

Cathy Kotanchik