President’s Pen

 President’s Pen

Woman Power!                              

As individuals, we know the enjoyment of being together with women of all generations, be they sisters, mothers, daughters, nieces, granddaughters or family friends whom we have “adopted” into our lives.  AAUW employs that joy and energy to magnify our multiple voices into one strong message:  women’s rights are human rights.  AAUW also backs up that message with research that shows when women have equal opportunities educationally and professionally, families benefit.

While January is the beginning of a new calendar year and a new Congressional term, at AAUW, as in most academic circles, it is “Midterm.”  Our current public policy initiatives have been in place since last year and AAUW is poised to lobby for support of women and girls seeking equality of opportunity and respect in their lives.  This is the political face of AAUW.

PA Public Policy co-chairs, Barbara Price and Ann Pehle, recently addressed “… some confusion about the difference of being political and being partisan.  Public policy, by definition, is political.  To impact policies important to women and girls, we must work with elected officials and government offices.  Favoring or only working with one political party while doing public policy work is partisan.  Our success nationally and in states is because AAUW remains non-partisan.”

Some of us will be joining many millennial women in the Women’s March in Washington, DC on Saturday, January 21st.  Our goal is to stand beside each other and demonstrate our solidarity to our nation’s lawmakers.  We also want our sisters to know that AAUW is ready to “Speak Truth to Power.”

If marching isn’t “your thing,” AAUW gives you many other ways you to support women this year.  Our work on the Bethlehem Branch Used Book Fair is about to commence.  We need your help.  You can also volunteer for “Let’s Read Math.”  Or plan to carpool with us to Harrisburg for Lobby Day later this year.  Read the Bethlehem Bylines Brief, go to our website,, or go to our Facebook page, to find the many ways you can add your energy and voice to the collective woman power of AAUW to promote equity for women and girls.

With best wishes for the new year!

Cathy Kotanchik