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Thank You to All and Looking Ahead to Book Fair 2016

The 2015 Book Fair is over, the last page has been turned, but the memories

remain. Read more

 Awards Ceremony Ends Year with a Flourish

AAUW-Bethlehem President Ruth Skoglund (left) presented Ann McManus with the 2015 Gateway to Equity Award at the May 13 Scholars Reception. 140 AAUW members, high school seniors and their families attended the event at which Scholarship Committee Chair Fran Bentkowski proved she still had her “principal’s voice” when faced with an unexpected missing public address system.

Ann was honored for her work with Second Harvest Food Bank, which supplies critical food resources to over 200 member agencies.

AAUW-Bethlehem Scholars, May 13, 2015

The list of accomplishments that Fran Bentkowski, Chair of the Scholarship Committee, pronounced was impressive. The young women chosen to receive Book Fair and Senior Women’s Club scholarships are community-minded and talented. Read more

AAUW-PA Summer Retreat: Saturday, July 11, 10am – 3pm

Country Cupboard Inn, Lewisburg, PA.  All interested members are welcome. AAUW-PA will pay all meeting costs for the first two members of every PA branch; additional branch members and other AAUW-PA members will be charged $20 to cover expenses. Details forthcoming at

AAUW-PA April Meeting Featured our own Selena Bennett

On Friday night, members of the AAUW-PA Student Advisory Council and AAUW-PA Emerging Leader Interns provided a student panel discussion AAUW-related issues on campuses. Selena Bennett is first row, far left.

An appreciation of President Skoglund

With a steady hand on the reins and diligent attention to the needs of our Branch, Ruth Skoglund has filled her term as Branch President… Read more

Newsletter Editor Calls ­-30-

In press lingo “30” or “xxx” indicates the end of an article. The June 2015 issue of Bylines is the one hundred and first I have edited and it seemed like the right time to stop.  Thanks to everyone who submitted news, especially to those who wrote polished drafts. Editing for AAUW-Bethlehem is EASY. Our branch is super-active and always newsworthy.  Linda Robertson

Why Public Policy in AAUW?

If we women don’t advocate for issues that directly affect our lives then who will? Who else can speak from first-hand experience about the struggles and issues that face us? Who else can do it better? Revisit our mission and diversity statement and our purpose. You can find these in front of any yearbook. You can get involved on any level from joining Two-Minute Activist at, registering new voters, writing letters to the editor (for which there are samples), or even lobbying your representatives (with help). There is strength in numbers. Let us take up our pens, raise our voices, tweet and post. If not now, when?  Randi L. Blauth, Co-Chair, Public Policy

AAUW-Bethlehem Member Sook Kim’s Notecards Featured on SHOPAAUW—National Website

Her watercolor Rhododendrons note cards come in packs of ten ($16) and are perfect for spring-summer correspondence. Visit the website at more


Words from a familiar song that most of us are old enough to remember express some of my feelings after five long year… Read more

Anniversary Committee Receives Honor

On behalf of the 85th Anniversary Committee, Linda Zimmerman accepted the certificate announcing the group had been recognized with a named gift unit to National AAUW’s AAUW Funds. The committee worked long and hard to produce a gala event, which we all enjoyed and will long remember.




Members in the News

Member Stacey Zaremba received a Moravian College SOAR summer research… Read more

Branch Member Makes Nepal Relief Appeal

As some of you know, I was in Nepal for 2 weeks just days before the earthquake… Read more

Definition: Feminism (It may not be what you had been thinking)

: the belief that men & women should have equal rights & opportunities
: organized activity in support of women’s rights and interests
: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes

 Hunger and Help in the Lehigh Valley

Many people in the Lehigh Valley are hungry or food insufficient. Read more

Three Steps to Overcoming Negotiation Bias

Do Your Homework.  Read more