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2016 Giving Back Project

On December 16, President Cathy and Honorary Giving Back Chair Beth presented our gifts totaling $4,150…Read more

Report: Poverty & Homelessness in our Lehigh Valley – November 2016

  • No human being should be left out in the cold
  • Our ‘challenged’ populations need life skills
  • There aren’t enough beds in the Lehigh Valley for homeless persons   Read more

September Walking Tour Meeting

Here are some photos of last week’s tour about early Moravian women. Read more



Tales From the Fair

Do you recall the theme of our Branch 85th anniversary party? It was “Looking Back-Moving Forward”. This came to mind as we started to work on the 2017 Book Fair. Read more

2016 Scholars

Read More

Top Row: Alyssa Reese (LHS); Allison Dantinne (LHS); Katie Gibbs (FHS) Bottom Row: Miriam Siddqui (FHS); Rae Oanesa (LHS); Jocelyn Baker (LHS); Erin Henley (LHS) All seven plan to attend the University of Pittsburgh

At a festive May 11, 2016 AAUW-Bethlehem meeting, 115 proud parents, siblings, AAUW members and community friends celebrated the annual presentation of Scholarships to area high school seniors and women returning to college following an interruption to their education.  Read More





2016 Non-traditional Scholars


Top Row: From Left – Delia Marrero (Muhlenburg College); Gabriella Papuc (DeSales Univ.) Bottom Row From Left: Synjea Linton (NCC); Anna Macagnone (Cedar Crest College) Unable to attend was Carolanne Monteleone whose father Joe read a touching note from his daughter.



Moravian AAUW Student Affiliate Group Won the ODK Quiet Commitment Award.

aauwgalsWe are excited to share the news that the Moravian AAUW Student Affiliate Group won the ODK Quiet Commitment Award, presented each year to an organization which quietly, yet consistently achieves its goals and enriches the image2undergraduate experience for its members and/or benefits the Moravian College campus community.


Two rings were found in the Memorial Pool Building during Book Fair. If you, or someone you know, lost rings, please contact Debbie… Read More

AAUW-Bethlehem 2016-2017 Membership Dues Renewal Form

Please Complete and Return 2016 – 2017 Response Form and Dues Payment(s) no later than May 30, 2016. Click here for the form.

AAUW is partnering with DiversityComm Inc. to provide all AAUW members and leaders with FREE digital issues of the company’s five magazines… Read more

Why Public Policy in AAUW?

If we women don’t advocate for issues that directly affect our lives then who will? Who else can speak from first-hand experience about the struggles and issues that face us? Who else can do it better? Revisit our mission and diversity statement and our purpose. You can find these in front of any yearbook. You can get involved on any level from joining Two-Minute Activist at, registering new voters, writing letters to the editor (for which there are samples), or even lobbying your representatives (with help). There is strength in numbers. Let us take up our pens, raise our voices, tweet and post. If not now, when?  Randi L. Blauth, Co-Chair, Public Policy

Definition: Feminism (It may not be what you had been thinking)

: the belief that men & women should have equal rights & opportunities
: organized activity in support of women’s rights and interests
: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes

 Hunger and Help in the Lehigh Valley

Many people in the Lehigh Valley are hungry or food insufficient. Read more

Three Steps to Overcoming Negotiation Bias

Do Your Homework.  Read more